Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse Review

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Corsair Nightsword RGB: Testing and Conclusion

The shape of the Nightsword RGB was very comfortable the first time I began using it. It reminded me of the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro due to the large thumb rest, but it was more comfortable because of the round design and inward curves. The 3391 optical sensor felt very stable and predictable as it had no acceleration or filtering. It performed well for gaming and editing these pictures in this article. I used the mouse at a DPI of 1200, so 18,000 DPI was more than enough for what I was doing.

I have to be honest about my first impression of the Nightsword RGB. As an owner of the Logitech G502 Hero mouse, the Nightsword RGB also reminded me of the G502 Hero because of its similar button layout, shape, and weight tuning system. The G502 Hero has maintained the same body shape for several years due to its comfort, and I really appreciate the effort Corsair is putting into the Nightsword RGB to compete against the G502 Hero.

Because the G502 Hero does maintain the same body design as its predecessors, it still feels like an older gaming mouse. It does not have very many RGB zones, whereas the Nightsword RGB does because of modern standards. In terms of appearance, the Nightsword RGB looks great with the many RGB lighting zones. The G502 Hero also looks great but from a simpler perspective as it focuses more on comfort and performance.

I like the fact the weights surround the 3391 optical sensor. This provides a better center of gravity without upsetting the weight distribution by making the mouse front or rear heavy. We can also see the switches in the weight slots. They allow the Nightsword RGB to determine if the installed weight is a 2.8 or a 4.5 gram weight. Using the iCUE software, I was able to monitor the installed weights to find out how much weight I currently have in the mouse.

Putting the Nightsword RGB next to some difference sized gaming mice, we can see that it is a pretty large mouse. It is longer than the Corsair M55 RGB Pro, but slightly shorter than the ASUS ROG Spatha wireless mouse. The top shell has an oval shape similar to the Logitech G Pro, but the inward curves on the sides make it more comfortable to grip than the G Pro and the ROG Spatha. Users with small hands may require some extra time to adjust to the Nightsword RGB, meaning it is not as versatile as the narrower ambidextrous body shape of the M55 RGB Pro.

Build quality is also pretty good with its plastic and rubber construction. There is a small rattle in the DPI down button when shaking the mouse, but it is not noticeable during normal use. Often times it is the scroll wheel that rattles. On the Nightsword RGB, the scroll wheel did not rattle at all as it felt stiff and durable. Once I isolated the DPI down button, the rattles went away.

There are a few glossy areas around the Nighsword RGB. I personally am not a fan of glossy finishes as it attracts dust like flies to a freshly laid turd. Not only that, but gloss also scratches easily. But in the right hands with a little bit of care, the glossy surface should last a long time.

The Nightsword RGB is a good-looking mouse with four RGB lighting zones. It is also very comfortable overall, but users with small hands may need some extra time to adjust to the mouse. Priced at $79.99 shipped on Amazon, this is not the most budget friendly gaming mouse due to the features it offers. The 3391 optical sensor performs very well and tracks smoothly. There are several RGB lighting zones on the exterior of the mouse, which makes the mouse look better overall if RGB lighting is important for you. The Nightsword RGB also includes weight calibration and a real-time center of gravity detection system, making weight tuning flexible. If you are in the market for a comfortable gaming mouse with a top optical sensor and a sophisticated weight system, the Nightsword RGB is the mouse I recommend.

Legit Bottom Line: The Corsair Nightsword RGB looks good and is a great performer with the 3391 optical sensor without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

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