Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Announced

The New Corsair K68 RGB Features Cherry MX Switches and Is Water-Resistant

Corsair is one of the most well-known manufacturers of mechanical keyboards designed to meet the needs of PC enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, so is understandable that they have had plenty of customers end up with damaged keyboards due to a spilled soda or beer, something I personally have been afflicted by. While mechanical keyboards from reputable manufacturers like Corsair often are typically manufactured to high standards, even the best mechanical keyboards can be rendered defective by enough liquid, as the switch mechanism can become sticky and circuits can be shorted. Never a company to waste the opportunity to bring more useful RGB products to the enthusiast market, California-based Corsair has announced the latest addition to their award-winning lineup of mechanical gaming keyboards, the full-sized, water-resistant Corsair K68 RGB. That’s right, this new Corsair K68 RGB keyboard with Cherry MX switches is IP32 rated for water resistance, along with having other cool features like independent media controls and a removable wrist-rest.

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The K68 RGB carries a similar look to the other keyboards in the Corsair lineup, with the Corsair sails logo top center and the familiar Corsair key cap font being used, along with a textured space bar. A removable-wrist rest is included with the Corsair K68 RGB for added value.

The Corsair K68 RGB features Corsair CUE compatibility for full per-key RGB lighting control and lighting synchronization with other Corsair products, such as the Void Pro gaming headset and ST100 RGB headset stand. Unfortunately, there aren’t individual macro buttons available on the K68 RGB, but with Corsair CUE, users can program any key to their liking, with multi-button macros even available to be recorded and assigned. Corsair is using key caps with a similar font to their other keyboards and looking at the pictures it appears that they have a floating effect and sit a little bit up from the switch housing.

Corsair is using Cherry MX switches with a custom housing designed to protect them from water while allowing for light to still shine through evenly. Cherry MX switches are known for their reliable nature and are the most popular mechanical switches on the market. The Corsair K68 RGB is available with Cherry MX Blue or Red switches to suit the the fans of clack and the lovers of linear. It is nice to see Corsair follow up their K68 with an evolved water-resistant keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches with RGB lighting. I am very interested in seeing how the Corsair K68 RGB holds up under some soda-induced torture when I review the unit in the coming days. I was expecting the unit to carry a pretty hefty price tag when checking out the demonstration video and literature, but at just $119.99 MSRP, the Corsair K68 RGB is launching at a pretty competitive price point.

Check out the Corsair K68 RGB product page for more information and stayed tuned to Legit Reviews for a full review of the Corsair K68 RGB water-resistant keyboard.