Corsair Introduces The K63 Wireless TKL Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Cuts The Wire With The K63 Wireless TKL Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is a major player in the mechanical keyboard market and I was pleasantly surprised by their newest release, as they have paired low latency wireless technology with a nicely designed tenkeyless keyboard. As part of the new Corsair Unplug and Play lineup of wireless peripherals, the sleek Corsair K63 Wireless is a gaming keyboard that I think a lot of consumers are going to be interested in.

Corsair K63 Wireless - CES 2018

The Corsair K63 Wireless mechanical gaming keyboard was a 2018 CES Innovation Award honoree. We had a chance to check out the unit at the Corsair display and got a few pictures for our readers. Corsair took proven design elements from their lineup of award-winning keyboards and integrated low-latency wireless technology into a tenkeyless (TKL) design to bring us the K63 Wireless. The K63 Wireless features a 2.4GHz wireless connection that is optimized for low latency gaming, performing at a 1MS response time/1000HZ polling rate. The Corsair K63 Wireless also is also capable of operating in wired mode and over a Bluetooth connection, meaning it can be quickly swapped between a Bluetooth device and PC. I know I’ve used this feature before with a competitors keyboard to swap between controlling my NVIDIA Shield and PC, so I’ve become a fan of this type of technology.

Corsair K63 TKL - CES 2018


Featuring an included wrist rest and dedicated media keys, the Corsair K63 Wireless is a fully featured wireless TKL keyboard that offers up to 75 hours of gaming per charge. While using the built-in LED lighting can dramatically reduce battery life, the Corsair K63 Wireless gives users the the ability to adjust brightness or disable lighting on individual keys, for total customization and optimized battery life. The K63 Wireless also features 128-bit AES encryption, which will prevent your keystrokes from being intercepted over the wireless signal.

Corsair has confirmed that only one type of switch will be available on the K63 Wireless, the linear Cherry MX Red, which is an excellent, proven switch for gaming. Corsair says there is a possibility of  offering models of the K63 Wireless with different switches in the future, but it will be dependent on consumer demand. TKL keyboards, while my personal preference, still remain in low-demand when compared to full size keyboards and in general, they receive a lot less development and attention than full size keyboards. That is partly why this release surprises me, but I think Corsair is on to something, as the TKL form factor is excellent for a wireless keyboard and getting rid of the keyboard cable just lends to a really sweet aesthetic.

Corsair K63 Lapboard - CES 2018

Users who want to use the K63 Wireless from a couch won’t have to use a cutting board to balance the keyboard on. Corsair already has a solution rolled out for the K63 Wireless that will allow it to be used comfortably while you’re sitting on the couch. The sturdy new K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard has a contoured memory-foam cushion to the hold the K63 Wireless in place during intense gaming sessions. The K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard also comes with a built-in mousepad equipped with a precision tracking surface, meaning the K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard can be used with your favorite mouse, including the new wireless Corsair Dark Core RGB and Dark Core RGB SE.

I personally have been wanting a backlit wireless TKL keyboard that is capable of low latency operation ever since I converted to using a TKL keyboard for my daily driver about two years ago. It looks like the Corsair K63 Wireless may end up taking a place on my personal desk if it lives up to expectations.The Corsair K63 Wireless and K63 Wireless Lapboard are currently available from Corsair e-tailers and retail outlets. For more information on the new lineup of Corsair wireless peripherals, check out the Corsair Unplug and Play website.