Corsair Hydro X Open Loop Liquid Cooling Solution Spotted

Corsair has teased us for months by saying that they were going to be entering the custom water cooler market with open loop cooling kits in the Hydro X series. It looks like the folks over at Cowcotland spotted the French e-commerce site at an event and they had a system stuffed full of Corsair Hydro X products. Outside it looks like LDLC went with Kingston HyperX products for the keyboard, mouse, pad and headset. Nothing like debuting a companies product while using peripherals from one of their main competitors!

Corsair Hydro X System

Corsair hired some of the key EKWB employees over a year ago and have been working on an open loop kit since that time. It wasn’t just some employees though. In November 2017 something happened at EKWB and they had a major management change with the company’s CEO, CTO, Head of marketing and some R&D staff leaving. EKWB’s former CEO, Mark Tanko and CTO, Niko Tivadar both jumped ship and took jobs with Corsair as Vice President & BU General Manager and Director Of Engineering, respectively. It looks this is what they’ve spent the past year working on at Corsair.

The teaser images on the Corsair website show part of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series block , but the now we can finally see what the full coverage water block looks like. With RGB lights all over we can also assume that Corsair Hydro X products will also integrate with iCUE.