Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review


Corsair Glaive RGB Pro: Testing and Conclusion

I did not have much trouble adjusting my grip to the Glaive RGB Pro. It sort of reminded me of the Razer DeathAdder Elite in a way as that was one of my favorite mice back in the day. However, I would have liked to see more of an inner curve on the thumb grip. The 3391 optical sensor felt very stable and predictable as it had no acceleration or filtering. It performed well in game and for productivity usage. I used the mouse at a DPI of 2000, but 18,000 DPI was more than enough for what I was doing.

There is a lot that goes into a topic like this; should you use a low DPI or a high DPI for gaming? I personally prefer something over 2000 DPI but nothing more than 3500 DPI for gaming. I could notice quite a bit of jittering with slow movements at a very low DPI, but the jitter was nonexistent at 2000 DPI. But if you can pull off fancy moves and headshot every enemy that gets in your way, stick with whatever you have and be happy with it.

Removing the default thumb grip and replacing it with the smaller interchangeable one gave the mouse a wider body shape. This would be more ideal for larger hands if the default thumb grip is too small.

The larger thumb grip style did not widen the body of the Glaive RGB Pro too much, but it did provide a large surface area for the thumb to rest on. It also had PTFE mouse feet under it for extra support.

Like its predecessor, the Glaive RGB Pro also have the front zone LEDs. These LEDs do add some additional character and style to the mouse, making it a better-looking mouse overall.

When comparing the Glaive RGB Pro to a few other gaming mice, we can see that it is very close in size to the Clutch 2. In fact, the scroll wheel, side buttons, and top buttons on the Glaive RGB Pro are in the same places as on the Clutch 2. Although in terms of overall comfort between these mice, The Glaive RGB Pro was the most comfortable as the Clutch 2 was somewhat harder for me to grip, and I was not a fan of the ambidextrous body design of the G Pro.

I am very impressed with the overall performance and comfort of the Glaive RGB Pro. The 3391 optical sensor tracked and performed beautifully, while the interchangeable side grips and overall shape design allowed me to play in comfort without too much fatigue. I would have liked to see more of an inward curve on the interchangeable side grips just for a better grip.

I also noticed something about the DPI toggling when I had another Corsair gaming mouse plugged into my computer. For instance, the Corsair Ironclaw has only three DPI adjustment levels. When this mouse was plugged in, I was unable to switch to the fourth or fifth DPI level on the Glaive RGB Pro. This seemed to be more of a software issue because without the software running, both mice could utilize all of their DPI adjustment levels. Perhaps there was something I missed while using the iCUE software.

Available at Amazon for $69.99, the Glaive Pro RGB is a competitive gaming mouse that offers an unmatched level of comfort and performance for even the most hardcore gamers. Of course, there are other gaming mice out there, like the Logitech G502 HERO, which also provides great performance and comfort due to its outstanding body design. Although the G502 HERO does have a few features not seen on the Glaive RGB Pro, the Glaive RGB Pro does have an initially lighter weight design, interchangeable side grips, and better RGB lighting zones. For this, I will recommend this mouse for anyone in the market looking for a comfortable and performance-oriented gaming mouse.

Legit Bottom Line: The Glaive Pro RGB makes a great gaming mice for anyone who is looking for a comfortable gaming mice that offers great performance and software support.