Corsair CX430M Modular Power Supply Review – What $25 Can Buy

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Corsair CX430M PSU – Introduction

When Corsair entered the PSU market, they have done so by releasing the then high-end HX520W and HX620W units. Much of the company’s great reputation among enthusiasts has been credited on these two products and their successors. However, Corsair apparently was not satisfied with just a piece of the top-end PSU market pie and, about a year after their first units hit the store shelves, released the mainstream TX and GS series, followed by the basic CX and value VS series. It is obvious that Corsair is not only trying to make profit from a couple of popular products but to gain a dominant foothold in every segment of the personal computer PSU market. Here in Legit Reviews, we already had a look at several of their high end and mainstream/gaming products; examples include the monstrous AX1200i, perhaps the best power supply that money can buy even 10 months after its initial release, the high performance AX860 and the professional series HX850, all of which shared exemplary performance and quality – as well as hefty price tags. Today we are going to make a move towards the other end of the market and have a look at the CX430M; a modular power supply from Corsair’s basic series.


Although the CX430M is a power supply capable of delivering up to “only” 430W, it also carries an 80Plus Bronze certification, is of a modular design and comes with a 3 year warranty; all for $24.99 including shipping, after rebate. With Corsair’s reputation on reliability and user support, we can see how this price tag for such a product can be very attractive to common users, casual gamers and system builders. How well can it do in terms of performance, especially under heavy stress? We will find out in this review. 

CX430M fan logo

Corsair CX430M features

  • Up to 85% energy efficiency means less heat generation and lower energy bills
  • 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction provides clean and reliable power
  • Universal AC input from 90-264V
  • A dedicated single +12V rail offers maximum compatibility with the latest components
  • Over-voltage and over-power protection, under-voltage protection, and short circuit protection provide maximum safety to your critical system components
  • Extra long fully-sleeved cables support full tower chassis
  • ErP Lot 6 Compliant
  • A three year warranty and lifetime access to Corsair’s legendary technical support and customer service

Corsair CX430M specifications


Three years


5.9″(W) x 3.4″(H) X 5.5″(L)




430 Watts

80 Plus


ATX Connector


EPS Connector


PCI-E Connector


4 Pin Peripheral Connector


SATA Connector


Floppy Connector



100,000 hours

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