Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition PC Case Review

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Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Full Tower PC Case

Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition

Cooler Master is well known for dedicating themselves to providing some of the best cooling solutions in the industry. Offering products geared towards the mainstream to the extreme, they have made quite a splash in the last decade. Whether or not it was consumer demand, Cooler Master decided to release another iteration of their popular and successful HAF 932 series, the HAF 932 Black Edition. With an all black interior and a full side panel window, it definitely looks like the case to get. The Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition comes in with a current price of $159.99. Now, this isn’t the first HAF 932 on the market. There was the original HAF 932 released in 2008, and then the AMD Edition released a little over a year later. Both Editions have their own subtle differences compared to the original HAF 932. Most notably on this Black Edition is that we have an all black interior. Another difference is a side window that covers the majority of the side panel, which also tosses out the option for the 230 mm fan or multiple 120mm fans. Luckily it includes an air duct that should help cool today’s most current enthusiast graphics cards, like the GTX 480. As with the previous HAF cases, Cooler Master included a one year limited warranty should anything go wrong in that time frame.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Case Features:

  • The HAF 932 Black Edition features a fully-rugged appearance and is housed in a tough casing to offer outstanding protection.
  • All black interior
  • Window side panel
  • GPU air duct (NVIDIA recommended; GTX 480 SLI requires a 150 CFM fan).
  • Patented finger-press buttons for quickly maintaining or upgrading 5.25 inch drive devices.
  • Removable HDD racks and cable management system for better cable routing and neatness
  • Easy access to liquid coolant fills port.
  • Meshed back slot for providing passive cooling.
  • Independent air intake designed for bottom-mounted PSU or installation of two 120mm fans
  • Retaining holes for easy installation of CPU coolers.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Case Specifications:

  • Model –  RC-932-KWN3
  • Available Color – Black
  • Dimensions –  (W)9.6″ X (H)22.5″ front half, 21.5″ back half X (D)22.7″
  • Weight –  29.1 lbs
  • Motherboards –  Micro – ATX / ATX / E-ATX (does not support Dual Xeon Nocona)
  • 5.25″ Drive Bay – 6 (without the use of exposed 3.5″ drive bay)
  • 3.5″ Drive Bay – 5 hidden 1 exposed (converted from one 5.25″ drive bay)
  • Cooling System – Front: 230 x 30 mm red LED fan x 1, 700 RPM, 110 CFM, 19 dBA
  • Top: 230 x 30 mm standard fan x 1, 700 RPM, 110 CFM, 19 dBA (support 120 mm fan x 3 or 120 mm x 1 + 230 x 30 mm x 1)
  • Rear: 140 x 25 mm standard fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 60 CFM, 17 dBA (support 120 mm fan x 1), 35,000 hours life expectancy
  • Power Supply – Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
  • I/O Panel – USB 2.0 x 4, IEEE1394a x 1, eSATA x 1, Mic x 1, Audio x 1

Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Retail Box Art

The HAF 932 Black Edition comes in a nice looking box with logos and pictures around it. Actually, when you look closer, it’s just the same box as the original HAF 932 with just an added label on the front noting the new features of the Black Edition. That weirded me out when this arrived as I thought I had received the wrong case, but luckily the label was there to let me know it was indeed to correct case.

Rear View of the Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Retail Box Art

As mentioned, the box literally is just of the original HAF-932 with a label on the front. Here we see pictures of the original HAF 932. Personally, I can see why they did it this way, BUT I do think they should have done a little more on the descriptive part so a customer wouldn’t get confused. Granted the label is sufficient; although I did get confused at first on whether this was the right one.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Instruction Manual

Even the manual is a straight copy of the original HAF 932. I kind of laughed but couldn’t help but be disappointed as there was NO mention of the Black Edition or its features or accessories (since some parts never came with the Original HAF 932). It doesn’t take much to figure out what the extra parts are used for, but still it would have been nice to have a mention in the book.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition Accessories

Included inside the case is the box of accessories. We have the extra front bay cover for installing a floppy drive or anything else that can fit in 3.5 inch measurement. Then the castor wheels, along with an 8-pin extension motherboard extension. Two other accessories were noticed that weren’t included with the original HAF 932. The black sheath is actually a sticker pad that has a few black stickers that can be placed on the exposed part of an optical drive (or anything else) in the 5.25 inch bay area to match the same color as the body of the case. I like that. Next one is a little chrome nut that is used to assist in tightening the motherboard standoffs. While that’s not necessarily needed, it is very handy.

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