Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower PC Case Review

Cooler Masters latest offering from the High-Air-Flow (HAF) line of PC cases is finally here after much waiting. The HAF 912 is the lowest end model of the series with budget users in mind, and as such many features are lacking compared to the high end models- to be expected. Read on to see how well the HAF 912 compares to its bigger, and much more expensive brothers!

The Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower PC Case

Living up to the High Air Flow name, the HAF 912 can accommodate a range of 120mm, 140mm and 200mm fan combinations. Out of the box the HAF 912 comes with a single 120mm in front intake and a single rear 120mm intake. You can add an additional 120mm fan to the front intake, or change it out for a single 200mm. The top of the HAF 912 can also support a single 200mm fan or two 120mm fans, and the side panel of the HAF 912 also has a spot for a single 120 or 140mm fan. To keep the cost down there are some things missing that a higher end HAF case would have: most noticeably is the lack of side panel window. The HAF 912 only has two 120mm fans out of the gate, unlike the higher HAF cases that have dual 200mm and single 120mm fans. Then there is the lack of the painted interior. All measures were taken to help reduce the cost of manufacturing and thus reduce the price to the consumer. With these features missing, it will be interesting to see if the HAF 912 is really worthy of the HAF title.

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