Consumers see red over dead pixels

This topic really bothers me. If you throw down anywhere from $400-2000 for an LCD monitor, they should replace it for even ONE dead pixel. Most of the monitors on come with a policy that requires at least eight dead pixels to qualify for replacement

You’ve just blown $2,000 on a sexy new flat-panel TV, and it thinks there should be a little black pimple in the middle of Tom Cruise’s face.

Good luck getting it fixed. That black spot is a dead pixel, a malfunctioning electronic dot among the millions that make up a typical display. And manufacturers of TV sets, notebook computers, desktop PC displays and other devices equipped with LCD screens vary widely in their policies on rectifying them.

“This is one of the things nobody ever wants to talk about in the industry,” said Paul Semenza, an analyst at research company iSuppli. “The reality is that there are a lot of (screens) that aren’t quite up to snuff floating around, and they end up somewhere.”

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