Compact Flash Memory



Today Legit Reviews is going to be showing off two different kinds of compact flash memory. We have Kingston’s 256mb card and Transcend’s 128mb card. Kingston is not a new company to the Legit Reviews Affiliate’s Team. We have already had the pleasure to show our readers Kingston’s PC3500 HyperX RAM. But Transcend is new to Legit Reviews, so let’s give a brief introduction to Transcend.

Transcend is a company that has also been around for a while. Transcend manufactures almost any type of memory you can imagine, and they also manufacture motherboards. With Transcend being ISO 9001 certified, you know you can count on them being a company you can trust because they follow a standardized process while creating their products.

Both of these companies we will be looking at are companies you can trust! They are both well-known brands.

Now let’s see what these two compact flash memory modules have to offer!

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