Civilization VI Heads to Switch in November

Switch gamers will have a new game to enjoy in time for the holiday season. The game is one of the best and most popular turn-based simulation games ever made. It’s called Civilization VI and the game has been around for years on PC and other platforms.

The game is coming to the Nintendo Switch in November and is reportedly scaled down to allow it to be played on the go with the switch device. The game allows players to colonize new lands, fight other civilizations and develop technology all while seeing to the needs of their own people.

The game reportedly has all the same gameplay you are used to if you played on other versions of the game in the past. The Switch version will come with four extra civs to play along with other scenarios to enjoy reports Destructoid.

Those four civs include Australia, Poland, Persia, and Vikings. Those civs were offered in updates on other platforms. Up to four players will be able to compete with or against each other in multiplayer mode. The game will hit Switch November 16.