CES 2011: Wicked Audio 3D Headphones

Wicked Audio 3D Headphones

Wicked Audio is part of the Empire Brands suite of companies and relatively new in the marketplace. Just one look at their boot told us they their products are quite colorful to say the least and they are currently showcasing their 3D line of headphones.

Wicked Audio Logo

The 3D series is the flagship line of headphones in the Wicked Audio line-up. As mentioned, their design is colorful with embossed artwork from which they undoubtedly derive their 3D moniker. Wicked Audio claims maximum noise isolation from ambient noise, plus the adjustable headband and padded ear cups should offer comfort and reduce fatigue.

We tried a pair on and they do fit comfortably and seem to do decent job of mitigating ambient noise on the very boisterous show room floor. The sound was very good but we’d like to give these a better and longer-term listen before we’ll pass full judgment.

Wicked Audio 3D Headphones

According to their press release, the 3D series will be available January 2011 for $29.99 at FYE, and a number of select international retailers. They won’t be hard to spot on the shelves!

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