CES 2011: DisplayPort Demos Wireless, Fiber and much more

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AMD’s Eyefinity through DisplayPort and Various Adapters

AMD Eyefinity DisplayPort

We are all already very familiar with AMD’s Eyefinity technology that uses mini DisplayPort to connect up to six monitors to a single AMD graphics card.  However, it never gets old to see some awesome immersive gaming on a 2×3 multi-display setup; especially on the CES 2011 show floor!

This is just a short, one minute video of a CES 2011 attendee using his skills at Crysis on the AMD Eyefinity display.

DisplayPort Adapters

DisplayPort to HDMI, DVI, or VGA

Display port was also showing how interoperable they are by having 4 different monitors connected to a single graphics card. Each of the monitors were connected using a different video connector to the mini DisplayPort card. So DisplayPort can connect to any of DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, or even HDMI.

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