CES 2009: Kingston SSDs, HyperX Memory and Video SDHC Cards

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SSDNow Solid-State Drives

Kingston Pepcom Booth

CES 2009 has not started yet, but that doesn’t stop companies like Kingston from showing things off a little early at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! Kingston has made three main announcements tonight regarding their debut into the SSD market, a new line of SDHC cards, and ultra low-latency DDR3 triple channel memory kits.

Kingston SSDNow E Series

Kingston has announced that they have teamed up with Intel to offer SATA SSDs targeted to Fortune 1000 companies and select vertical markets. Kingston’s line of solid-state drives has been branded SSDNow and will comprise of two series.

Kingston SSDNow E Series

The first is the SSDNow E Series that is designed for Enterprise servers. The E Series is launching with a 32GB single-level cell drive offering 250MB/second read and 170MB/second write speeds. It will also offer IOPS (Input and Output Operations Per Second) random 4K read of 35K and random 4K write of 3.3K. The power specs for the E Series are 2.4 W TYP Active and 0.06 W TYP Sleep and the life expectancy is 2 million hours mean time before failure. The E Seriese can be compared to Intel’s X25-E SSD for performance comparisons.

Kingston SSDNow M Series

The second series is the SSDNow M Series that is designed for Mobile users. The M Series will offer an 80GB multi-level cell drive with 250MB/second read and 70MB/second write speeds. The power specs for the M Series are 0.15 W Active and 0.06 W TYP Sleep and the life expectancy is 1.2 million hours mean time before failure.

Since these are Intel’s SSDs, you can see our review of Intel’s X25-M SSD for some performance expectations of Kingston’s SSDNow M Series 80GB drive. Both of Kingston’s SSDNow series’ offer a three-year Kingston warranty and 24/7 tech support. The E Series will also offer the KingstonCare program.

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