CES 2009: CES Unveiled Pre-show Event

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The Pre-Show For The Consumer Electronics Show!

Welcome to Las Vegas and Legit Reviews’ coverage of CES 2009. This year the show for the press officially kicks off on Thursday but we’ve arrived early to bring you some preshow activities. Things have slowed down a bit with CES this year with the state of the global economy, exhibitors are down from 3,000 for 2008 to 2,700 for 2009 and attendance is expected to be down. Another change that we expect to see is a greater number of “green” products and less excessive, high-end items. There are numerous companies that we look forward to seeing at CES every year that aren’t exhibiting this time around but we will be bringing you plenty of event coverage, starting with ASUS and CES Unveiled.

CES: Unveiled Press Event

Hundreds, if not thousands, of journalists packed into the Venetian Ballroom for CES: Unveiled: The Offical Press Event of the International CES. While fighting through the maze of people and products we ran into a couple companies that we know very well and a couple others that had products that were too good to pass by.

Eric Lanford from CNN in the Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Walking through the venue we spotted CNN’s Eric Lanford the host of “News To Me” on HLN. He joined CNN in 2007 and his show is the first cable news program comprised entirely of user-generated video. Eric Lanford looked to be enjoying the Inada Sogno massage chair. This massage chair is supposed to send massage therapists running for the hills as it has customized massage sessions for 106 body types and offers 1,200 square inches of massage coverage. The chair is the ‘real’ deal and looking from the expression seen above we’d have to say it’s almost orgasmic.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair

With the world in a recession this $6,499 massage chair might be a bit much for many, but it think about the stress relief it can offer. The advanced robotics mimic the hand movements mimic that of a human massage therapist and a computer program handles the variation and choreorgaphy through sophisticated stroke combinations. If insurance companies would help cover the bill on these we can easily see how everyone would want one.

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