CES 2008: Lian Li – The $1,000 ATX Computer Case

A Grand Case

Lian Li is known for their interesting designs and quality cases and we all know that quality always has its price. Customized designs, bundled water cooling, fans and power supplies can add up. For those willing to pay, it can create a unique, clean and easily built PC. So what does $1,000 buy you? In this instance, it gets you a bare chassis and some case fans. However, the cost of this case is really driven from manufacturing process where the entire aluminum case – inside and out – is anodized red.

Lian Li $1000 chassis front and rear

For those not familiar, aluminum is anodized to help increase its hardness, prevent corrosion and allow for dyeing. This is done via chemical or electrolytic means and is a common practice used in many ordinary products such as automobiles and even gadgets such as colored iPod Nano’s. In addition, the case sports ten rear panel PCI slots, four holes with rubber grommets for water cooling hoses (two at the top and two at the bottom) and room for three 120mm fans in the front.

Lian Li $1000 chassis side case spiserr

There is currently a Lian Li case available called the Armorsuit Gaming Tower that has the same design but lacks the anodized red color and the customized windowed and etched side panel with the AMD Spider theme. This should be available in the next month or so and the retail version which may vary slightly from the cases pictured. So if you are building a killer Crossfire rig and need that perfect case to protect and fill your friends with case envy, this could be yours, albeit for the price of one very large bill.

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