CES 2008: Las Vegas Booth Babes

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CES and Las Vegas

CES 2008 - South Hall

Many of our readers have been giving very positive feedback on our forums for our aggressive coverage of the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. To keep up with the demand of our readers, we would not be giving proper coverage of CES without showing what many would consider the best part: The Booth Babes!!!

CES crowded hall

Before we begin our booth babe coverage, here is a shot that shows just a small glimpse of the show floor to give our readers an idea of all the booths and people that attend this show!

Ad on Flamingo Hotel

While this is not yet a booth babe, we also want to make sure everyone gets into the theme of Vegas! Scantily clad ladies are all around in shows, serving drinks, on posters on taxi cabs and even on 17 story advertisements!

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