CES 2007 – Ultra Announces the First Carbon Fiber Computer Case

Ultra Products Carbon Fiber case

It seems unlikely that of all companies that have talked about producing Carbon Fiber cases, Ultra Products is the first to actually have done it. While not a household a name in the enthusiast niche Ultra is quickly making a name for themselves with likes of their 2000W internal power supply and now their Carbon Fiber cases.

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Though the official start of CES is a day away we’ve got an early look at a unique product that will make its debut here in Las Vegas, the Ultra Products Carbon Fiber case. Many of you know that carbon fiber has been used in aircraft and race cars for years, and no I’m talking about your Honda. Though there have been a few custom cases make use CF this is the first use that I know of in a production case.

The use of Carbon Fiber may seem excessive to some, but the light weight material reduces weight, which is great for those who frequently haul their cases around the country to LAN parties. It is these individuals that Ultra is hoping to entice with their new gaming PC’s. Having lugged my heavy PC’s around to more LAN parties than I can remember over the last several years I have to say that I’m pretty excited about the use of lighter materials.

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You can see in the photos that the case has 5x 5.25 bays, 5x 3.5″ internal bays for hard drives, and 2x 3.5″ bays for floppy or small baybus controllers. The Ultra Carbon Fiber Case measures 20 ½” (height) x 19 ¾” (depth) x 8 ¼” (wide). It has a two 120mm fans, one in the front and one in the rear for exhaust. The frame is actually made from aluminum and while the panels make use of the Carbon Fiber.

The new Ultra Carbon Fiber case will be available with Ultra’s new line of gaming PCs and available for individual purchase later this month. Ultra Products will also offer a clear-window version for users who wish to showcase the case’s internal features and PC components. Also coming later this month Ultra will announce a custom-paint program for users who wish to customize their own DIY rig with original artwork or designs.

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