CES 2006: Pictures of Hot Products

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After 3 days of non stop walking and picture taking CES 2006 is over for me. It is both a sad and happy day for me; on one hand I can finally sit down and go through all the pictures, pamphlets, and business cards I have acquired. On the other hand the event was just amazing as I saw amazing electronics and talked to people from all over the world. One thing I now know for sure is that I am in the right industry, nothing gets me going every day like thousands of new products and more toys than I could ever dream of.

So now that the show is over it is time for some analysis. There were some very clear trends this year, portable audio/video and high definition TV were among the top two. Nearly every booth I walked passed had HD LCD’s, plasmas and more. It is clear from this years CES that industry thinks this is the year that you’re going to buy a HD TV. For all the booths that did not have a HD TV showing there were support accessories from HDMI plugs and modules to various services designed to enhance your HD experience.


Panasonic 105" HD LCD TV

Panasonic HD LCD PictureFrames

If you don’t already have a portable audio/video device you will be buying one this year from the looks of CES. There was not a single isle that I could walk down that did not have something to do with portable entertainment. Every car audio maker was showing off its iPod integration. In the international section of the Sands there were more unbranded iPod accessories than I thought possible. Sitting right next to them were a plethora of copycat media players. If you’re looking to get audio in your phone, or video on your PDA guess what you’re in luck. Most of the new PDA’s and mobile phones in the channel look to include all the media support you could ever wish for.

Sony MP3 mobile phone

MP3 and video mobile phone

MSI Mega MP3 and Video player

Spending 3 days at CES anyone is bound to find a few products that seem to really stand out. I have culled from the vast number of devices, services, and god knows what my top pictures for CES 2006. In no particular order:

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