Carrion is a Reverse Horror Game

A very cool sounding game has been introduced at E3 2019, and it is called Carrion. It’s a side scroller game that looks very interesting. The premise is that players play as the monster hunting down humans. The developer Phobia Game Studio calls Carrion a “reverse horror game.”

Players become the red “amorphous creature” that stalks the scientists in a lab who have imprisoned it. The creature grows and evolves as it makes its way around the base.

The goal is to learn new ways to take down guards as the creature seeks retribution. The trailer, seen below, shows that in some parts the creature grows in size making it easier to catch the enemy.

There are still mysteries about the game we are looking forward to having answered down the road. The launch window is a mystery; for now, publisher Devolver has only said 2020. We also have no idea what platforms the game will support.