Call of Duty: Mobile Hits iOS and Android

Mobile gamers looking for something to play can now download Call of Duty: Mobile for both Android and iOS. The game is a free download and brings aspects of traditional multiplayer along with a battle royale experience. The battle royale mode has up to 100 players on the same map at once.

As players compete in both types of matches, they can earn experience and unlock weapons, perks, characters, and more. The system essentially works like the console games. The game also rewards players with credits they can use for purchasing new equipment.

XP cards can be granted that will level up weapons outside of battle. The game features lots of cosmetic items that can be won or purchased in the game. EA is undoubtedly hoping players buy a lot.

Players will be able to buy a premium battle pass that gets more rewards for 800 COD points. Time will tell if players respond to CoD: Mobile, there are plenty of other mobile shooters today.