Call of Duty Blackout Alcatraz Map Tipped for Launch Today

Call of Duty Blackout fans will be thrilled to hear that a new map is supposed to land today. We say supposed, because for the weeks leading up to and after April 1 you can’t really trust anything. Word is that the new map will be set on the famous prison island Alcatraz.

The map is caleld, simply enough, Alcatraz reports Polygon. The location has been visited before in CoD franchise history in Mob of the Dead. Word of the map came from the official Call of Duty account promising close quarters battle.

Alcatraz will be a PS4 exclusive for an unspecified time; after the exclusive is over, it will land on other platforms. If you don’t have Blackout, it will be free to download from April 2 through April 30 giving you a chance to try the new map.

The new map will have the ubiquitous actor Peter Stormare making an appearance. On the weapons front, a flame thrower will be offered along with a bunch of zombies to fight.