Call of Duty 4’s Latest Trailer Highlights New Specialist

Treyarch has released a new trailer for CoD 4 that highlights new features for Operation Spectre rising. The update introduces Spectre as the latest multiplayer specialist and Blackout character. The primary weapon for the character is a sword and smoke grenades. He can see the outlines of enemies through the smoke to attack.

The update also brings with it new maps including Artifact, Masquerade, and WMD. The Artifact map has players fighting in a collection of rocks and cliffs with places to hide and high ground to fight from. Masquerade is a city map reports Gamespot.

It has close quarters back alleys and open spaces that are large and filled with festive decorations that can be used as cover. WMD is a remastered version of the map from the original Black Ops game.

The Blackout map gets a big update that sees changes to become Wetworks. The dam at the top of the original Blackout map is destroyed with water flooding the map and changing the play. Many of the areas are now filled with water making boats and helicopters more useful.