Call of Duty: WWII Patch Lands for all Platforms

A new update has landed for the game Call of Duty: WWII and it is available for all platforms that the game is on. That means the update is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The update makes some significant changes to the playable classes in the game reports Gamespot.

Each of the divisions of the game is updated with tweaks including swapping out gear perks to increasing some stats. Each class now has unlimited sprint, but the sprint speed is reduced.

All Divisions have at least one Lethal and one Tactical equipment. The Armored Division now takes less explosive and fire damage. Armored players are immune to shell shock and have reduced flinch when shot. Full patch notes are here.

These updates come along with new maps in The War Machine DLC. Those maps are available only for PS4 players right now with Xbox One and PC gamers getting them next month. That DLC brings dogfights to the mix and a new zombies chapter among other things.