A Bug in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Could Cost you your Saves

A serious bug has been discovered in the video game Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite that could result in gamers losing all their saved data. Capcom announced that the bug was discovered this week in the Xbox One disc version of the game.

Capcom says that while the bug is serious, it’s not very prevalent and only impacts a small subset of the playerbase. The circumstances leading up to the bug rearing its head are very specific and the bug can be avoided reports Gamespot.

Capcom writes, “The only situation where you will encounter this bug is if you have updated the game and have save data from the latest update, but later uninstall the game then reinstall from disc and attempt to use the save data without having applied the update,” Capcom said. “The updated save data and older game will be recognized as not compatible and the game may prompt you to create new save data as it may read the existing data as corrupt.”

To avoid this issue don’t create new save data if you uninstall Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and haven’t installed the update that was applied before you uninstalled. The save data will overwrite your old data and your progress will be gone. “This will then ensure your save data stays intact and will work properly. Again, you will only lose your save data if you choose to accept the option to create a new save in this scenario, which would overwrite your prior data,” Capcom said.