Browsermark 2.1 Now Available


Rightware has released a new version of Browsermark! Browsermark is a benchmark tool designed to measure browser performance of mobile and embedded devices. Browsermark measures a browsers performance in JavaScript and HTML rendering. Browsermark quickly tells you which browser performs the best on the device that you are running the test on and is free to use. You can give Browsermark 2.1 a try at

Browsermark 2.1 Changes:

  • Core engine upgraded to jQuery version 2.0 to comply with the proliferation of this version in real world web services
  • Completely new HTML5 test using SVG simulates high quality rendered document viewing
  • Completely new test group Scalable Solutions utilizes AngularJS, Backbone, Ember and Knockout libraries. Together with jQuery engine, the addition of Scalable Solutions test group means that Browsermark JavaScript libraries workload covers approximately 95% of all web sites in the world
  • Page load and responsiveness test results are moved under conformance
  • Geometric mean will replace arithmetic average in score calculation

Because of these changes, Browsermark 2.1 scores are not comparable to Browsermark 2.0 scores.