Bowler Defender Challenge Uses Customized Land Rovers


Land Rover and Bowler have announced that starting in March 2022, a single-vehicle racing series will debut. The series is called the Defender Challenge and uses the Land Rover Defender 90. The vehicles are heavily customized and outfitted specifically for racing.

Power comes from a 300PS 2.0-liter gasoline engine paired with a transmission featuring column-mounted paddle shifters. To make the vehicle suitable for racing, it has customized suspension and rides 25 millimeters higher than stock. The vehicle also gets a FIA-spec roll cage, racing seats, and racing harnesses.

While the interior looks like a lot of stock switchgear and hardware were retained, it has been customized with switches to control the racing vehicle. Entry into the 2022 Challenge is open to anyone with deep enough pockets.

Packages start at 99,500, including the Bowler-prepped Defender Challenge car, and entry into the series as well as event support. In addition, buyers can add options including training, series logistics, and vehicle support.