Borderlands 3 Dueling Mode is Coming

Lots of fans of the Borderlands franchise are looking forward to Borderlands 3 landing. The game has long had PvE gameplay, and it is one of the hallmarks of the franchise. Players in the past could wager money and loot on the duel and whoever won took all the stuff.

Borderlands 3 will have a new shared-loot mechanic for players who don’t want to fight over loot. It will also have a mode that lets players fight over stuff anytime they want. The FFA dueling mode will allow players to face off whenever they want reports Gamerant.

In the dueling mode, up to four players can duel at one time. Having an entire squad battling over loot in a single duel will be interesting. It’s likely that lots of fighting over the best weapons and loot dropped by a boss will go down.

Borderlands 3 promises lots of new stuff for the franchise, including a new and easier to use in-game communications system. The Ping feature lets players tag chests, enemies, and other items for in-game communication.