Blizzard Shows Off Overwatch Skins for Summer Games

August 9 marks the kick off for Overwatch’s annual Summer Games. That means that there will be new event loot including new skins and cosmetics for fans to check out. The new skins will include Legendary skins for D.Va, Rheinhardt, Winston, and Ana. These skins were unveiled on twitter ahead of the kick-off event reports Dexerto.

One of the coolest is Gridironhardt that puts the big man into a football-style getup. Catcher Winston has a baseball-style outfit with a catcher’s mask and baseball in his chest thingy. Waveracer D.Va put her in shorts and a crop top ready for the beach with a bot that looks like it’s part Waverunner.

Cabana Ana gets a skin with a big floppy hat and sunglasses. The event will also give players the chance to pick up skins from previous Summer Games.

As for events that gamers can play, Lucioball brawl, a 3v3 game is returning. In that mode all players play as Lucio and attempt to put a giant ball into the other team’s goal. The skins are in the embedded tweets for you to check out.