Blizzard is at Work on Diablo Projects

Blizzard has announced that it has multiple Diablo projects in the works right now. The company went so far as to say that it might have something to show off later this year for fans. Word of the projects in the works came from associate community manager Brandy Camel.

In that video Camel talks about the coming Season of Greed, which is the first themed season for the game. She then went on to confirm that there were multiple Diablo projects in the works. The assumption is that we might see what Blizzard is working on at BlizzCon.

Camel did note that some of the projects in the works for fans will take longer than others. This turn of events isn’t exactly a surprise. Blizzard had confirmed it was working on something Diablo via a job listing this summer.

Rumors have suggested that Diablo 3 was being ported to the switch reports VG247. It would be a bit of a disappointment to find out that port is all Blizzard is teasing for this year. BlizzCon runs November 2-3.