BFP Retro F-150 Looks Like The 1980s

One of the most iconic hallmarks of the Ford F-150 pickup line during the 1980s was a wide range of two-tone body colors. It seemed like every other F-150 of an 80s vintage was red with white two-tone. Modern F-150 trucks are always single colors on the outside, but a dealership from Cincinnati can change that for you.

Beechmont Ford has created a package called the BFP Retro F-150. It starts with a standard F-150 pickup from 2021 or 2022 of any trim level. However, the dealership does recommend the XLT or Lariat with the Chrome Package for the best retro looks available. The prominent feature of the package is a white vinyl wrap through the center of the truck bringing the two-tone style anyone around in the 80s will remember.

You can also get the white two-tone section painted onto the truck. Other touches include a chrome bed rack complete with KC Daylighter lights. The truck rolls on 17-inch wheels with 35-inch all-terrain tires and a 3.5-inch suspension left.

Beechmont doesn’t indicate how much the package costs, but considering how expensive pickups are today, it’s not likely to be cheap. It might also be a while for anyone to get their hands on the truck since there is a microchip shortage reducing the production of vehicles from all manufacturers currently.