Bethesda Appears to be Teasing Rage 2

Recently an error on the website of Walmart Canada leaked some upcoming game announcements and among them was a listing for a game from Bethesda that has fans in a fury. That leaked Bethesda game was Rage 2 and rather than not saying anything or griping at Walmart for the issue, Bethesda has simply taken to posting images and teasing fans.

The company has been posting images that show different scenes around London, England smeared with hot pink paint reports Gamespot. One of the images you can see above, it shows a busy intersection all painted up. Another of the images shows the face of the Big Ben clock in London with a smear of hot pink paint on it.

Some see part of an anarchy symbol on the face of the clock. The time on the clock was set at 5:14 hinting that something might be announced on Monday about the game. Another teaser image is of a rocket blasting into space.

That rocket has hot pink smoke out the back and has 5-14 on its side. The game is widely expected to get officially announced at E3 on June 10, only a month from now. Hits indicate at least something will be said Monday.