Bentley’s Sweet Carbon Fiber Wheels Debut Later This Year


Bentley has confirmed the production of a new line of 22-inch carbon fiber wheels for the Bentayga SUV. The wheels are being produced through the Bentley Mulliner division and will be available to purchase later this year. Exactly how much the wheels will cost is unknown, but carbon fiber with the Bentley name can’t be cheap.

Each of the wheels is six kilograms lighter in unsprung mass compared to aluminum wheels of the same size. Bentley says the wheels required five years of engineering and are the first carbon fiber wheels to pass TUV testing. While looking good and saving weight, the wheels are safer with increased impact safety thanks to the material weave dispursing air loss.

The wheels promise improved stiffness equivalent to one degree of camber per 1G of impact force and promise reduced tire wear. The manufacturing process for the wheels is highly repeatable under high-quality conditions utilizing a process called Resin Transfer Molding technology.

Anytime wheels are being manufactured in mass, quality must be repeatable. Bentley worked with a composite manufacturer called Bucci Composites to build the wheels.