Battlefield V Confirmed as Next Game in Franchise

Fans of the Battlefield franchise will be thrilled to hear that the next game in the series has been confirmed as Battlefield V. The confirmation came from Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show. Noah announced on Twitter that he would be hosting a reveal of the game on May 23.

On that date, Noah has promised to give gamers details on the game including the setting for the game along with lots more info. The unveiling will be at 1 pm PT on May 23 and will be streamed via Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and the Battlefield website reports Playstationlifestyle.

Right now, word is that the game will take place sometime during WWII. The game promises a new experience with fights across “unexpected theaters of war”. The unveil will give players a look at the war on another front line.

Noah also says that DICE team members will give players details on the Battlefield V vision. Large-scale multiplayer is a huge part of the new game along with new modes and experiences. War Stories will also return with single player and multiplayer as part of the game mix.