Attack of the Prescott Heat Sinks! @ Computex 2004


We all know that the upcoming LGA775 platforms are coming real soon from Intel. The original Prescott made a lot of news with it’s high temps and we wrote a couple articles about cooling and their temperatures. For thouse of you that missed

"Prescott Temperatures Examined" please go back and look it over to see what is going on and how temperatures on the "old" prescotts looked. Right now I am at Computex in Taiwan and it seems that almost every company over here is showing socket 775 cooling solutions. These things stand out due to their size alone. Let me take you though the journey of the Socket 775’s that I saw walking the show floor.


Kingston Hyper X

Looks as if Zalman is keeping the same stlye as their other lines. This one just happens to be much larger. Notice that on the product info prop, that this cooling solution is good for more than just the new prescotts; Socket 478/754/775/939/940 are all included.


ASUS was showing this Extreme AX600 cooling solution on a working LGA775 platform. Just to show hot large this cooling solution is you have to see if from the top and the sides. Notice how it is about an inch taller than the PCI-E video card and looks basically like a jet engine.

Fan Intake

Fan Exhaust


Fan Side

Fan Exhaust

The above Thermaltake LGA775 cooling solution was in use and seemed to be the same basic heat pipe design that ASUS and others are using. They also have an all copper model and a model that goes by the reference Intel design that are shown below.

All Copper

Cu/Al mix


AVC had their Sunflower72 HSF for the upcoming Socket 775 platforms. This unit had a copper insert in the base and the basic single spiral fins. I’m not sure how well this one cools because the HSF itself looks to not be on par with the reference from Intel! The fan speed might make up for that, but from our experience, fan speed is not the most important factor for a good cooling solution. This one wasn’t seen on any systems.


Top of the HSF

Bottom of the HSF

Spire/Speeze has their "baby blue" (nasty looking color) HSF’s for the upcoming Socket 775 platforms. Both models had a copper insert in the base and the basic single fins. This one looks a lot like the AVC version shown above, so I also do not know how well this one will actually perform.


I’m not sure what everyone else is thinking, but I for one don’t know how many will like these new sizes. These are turning out to be some large and very heavy heatsinks! I’m not sure how well many of these models will travel as most just seemed to have plastic clips to hold them to the motherboard. Many companies (Spire & Thermaltake to name a couple) seem to be in the development phases of watercooling systems to combat high temperatures. While many shy away from watercooling we recently made the move to it and haven’t looked back since.

Overall, I just wanted to show everyone what is in sight for the new cooling solutions to be used on the upcoming LGA775 socket prescotts which are just around the corner.

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