AT&T Raises Prices on Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T is sending customers that still have the old grandfathered unlimited data plans that their rates will be going up by $5 per month. That will take the price from $40 per month to $45 per month. AT&T says consumers are using mobile data at record levels and the $5 price hike will help them keep it stable. It seems like AT&T is trying to get the grandfathered unlimited users to cancel their plan, so they can get them on a new plan that they can more heavily throttle. Some might jump ship to a pre-paid plan and deal with throttling as most grandfathered plan users are paying over $100 a month for service now. I think that I paid $30 for the unlimited data plan back in the day and then had to pay for unlimited texts and minutes. The original unlimited data plans were discontinued in 2010 and have seen $5/month price increases happening once a year since 2016. The old unlimited plan still gets speed throttled after 22GB of data usage in a month, but is still better than the new AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan that runs $65 per month. That plan caps video streaming at 1.5Mbps and all other data has a 3Mbps limit from the get go!

If you have one of AT&T’s old unlimited data plans, you’ll be getting an e-mail about the data plan rate increase like the one we got below this afternoon. The rate increase will take effect starting in July, 2018.

AT&T Unlimited Plan Rate Increase