ATI CATALYST 10.2 & 10.3 Driver Preview – Application Profiles

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ATI’s CATALYST 10.2 Driver Released

ATI Catalyst Control Center 10.2

Releasing new drivers is nothing new for AMD. AMD has been releasing new ATI CATALYST video card drivers every month since ATI released the CATALYST Control Center back in 2004. February and March 2010 are going to be no different in that respect. However, February and March are going to be exciting times for ATI and their drivers. Today, ATI is releasing Catalyst Software Suite 10.2, which has some new features that are bound to blow you away.

ATI Catalyst Control Center 10.2 features

The new Catalyst driver is ATI’s biggest and most feature packed driver release in the last few years. With features like application profiles and CrossfireX support for EyeFinity there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Catalyst Driver 10.2 Features

  • ATI CrossFireX Technology application profiles
  • ATI CrossFireX and Eyefinity Support
  • ATI PowerPlay technology support
  • ATI CrossFireX technology re-architecture
  • DisplayPort Audio for DisplayPort panels

As if the February release of the Catalyst Control Center wasn’t enough, come March, ATI is going to release another Suite that is just as packed full of features.

Catalyst Driver 10.3 Features:

  • 3D Stereoscopic support
  • Display Bezel Compensation
  • Per-Display Color Adjustment
  • Multiple ATI Eyefinity Groups
  • Improved Display Configuration Switching
  • ATI Mobility Radeon Premium graphics Catalyst 10.3 Software Suite

As you can see in the bullets above there is no shortage of features. With all these features coming to reality in the next two Catalyst Driver Suites, I think it is safe to say ATI has been busy bringing these features to life.

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