ASUS To Gradually Reduce Holdings In Pegatron Technology

According to a Chinese Commercial Times report, it would appear ASUS will be gradually reducing its holdings in Pegatron Technology. ASUS, who holds a 24.5% stake in the company, will start releasing its holdings starting sometime in May. The shares ASUS holds in Pegatron will bring the company an expected investment income of roughly US $94.69 – 128.51 million, which works out to $0.13 – $0.17 cents per share. This comes as no surprise, considering the relationship between ASUS, ASRock and Pegatron, where ASUS spun-off Pegatron and Asrock back in 2010.

ASUS logo

Asustek is expected to generate investment income of NT$2.8-3.8 billion (US$94.69-128.51 million), or an additional earning of NT$3.7-5 per share, through the sale of Pegatron’s shares, the paper estimated.

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