ASUS ROG External Power Card Planned For Overclockers


Are you an extreme overclocker that is looking for more voltage? It appears that ASUS is sending out an external power card to some of the extreme overclockers that they work with. Elmor over at has posted up a picture of the yet to be released card on HWBOT asking for some feedback from the overclocking community. Over the past five days the comments are limited, but the extreme overclockers that would need to buy a product like this is rather limited. Most of the big name overclockers are sponsored and usually get the hardware used to overclock for free. If you aren’t sponsored and are hoping to make a name for yourself in the overclocking community you might be one of the folks waiting on an external VRM module to come to market.

Then again ASUS is later than some in the external power board market. The EVGA EPower Board 2.0 came to market first and for $99.99 you can get that card with a voltage adjustment range of 800mV to 2000mV along with a current source up to 400A. Gigabyte also has the G-Powerboard that was announced at Computex that supports up to a whopping 1400 Amps and is sure to give you more than enough power! The ASUS ROG Power Card can be seen

ASUS Power Card

ASUS Power Card Main features

  • Single 8-phase output
  • Output voltage 0-2.5V
  • Output current up to 500A
  • On-board voltage control/monitoring
  • 6x Hotwire connectors for auxillary VRM’s
  • Firmware upgradable

Current functionality (FW v0002)

  • Output voltage setting/monitoring
  • Output voltage offset switches (+0.4V, +0.3V, +0.2V, +0.1V)
  • Safety switch (limits output voltage to maximum 1.4V)
  • Output current monitoring
  • VRM temperature monitoring
  • Load-line calibration (0%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
  • Hotwire setting/monitoring

Upcoming features

  • Profiles (save/load)
  • Auxillary output voltage sense