ASUS Precog Dual-Screen Laptop Ditches the Physical Keyboard

ASUS’ wildest notebook that was shown off at Computex 2018 was the Precog dual-screen job that is very similar looking to the Lenovo Yoga Book 2 that we talked about before. The Precog notebook ditches a traditional keyboard in favor of a machine with two screens and AI power. The idea is that the bottom screen can show you what you want to see based on what you are doing.

If you are working in word, you get a keyboard and the image shows a screen large enough to hold that keyboard and other video windows above it. At first glance, this seems like a terrible idea to me, what sort of typing feel could a virtual keyboard offer after all. The second image ASUS offers shows the true use for this machine.

asus precog

This might just be perfect for the notebook users out there who need lots of screen space on the go. That image shows both screens being used in a traditional Windows extended mode to allow different content on each side. That would be perfect for folks who write and need Word on one side and source content on the other. Typing with a portable keyboard would allow you the real typing feel you want and to use whatever keyboard you prefer.

ASUS also says that Precog would know your schedule thanks to AI and do things like conserve power automatically if you forget to charge and have a meeting coming up. It will work in a regular laptop, tent, book, and flat modes. If the machine has a stand of some sort to hold it upright in book mode it may be perfect for coders and writers. ASUS will also offer a stylus for note-taking and drawing. ASUS says this is a real product and that it will launch soon reports ExtremeTech.