ASUS Outs Its First Chrome OS Tablet for Education

ASUS is gearing up for CES 2019 and has announced an entirely new line of devices running Chrome OS for education markets. Perhaps the most interesting of the quartet of new products is the firms very first Chrome OS tablet for education. That product is called the ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100.

The tablet is rugged and runs the same version of Chrome OS that is offered on notebooks and Chromebox desktops. The chassis of the tablet is rubberized and is under 10mm thick making it easy for small hands to hold onto and less likely to drop.

The tablet is rated to survive drops of up to 100cm, which is the height of most tables and desks. The screen is a 9.7-inch QXGA unit covered in tempered glass to protect from scratches and gouges. It comes with a stylus that slides into a storage compartment in the frame of the tablet and allows kids to draw and write on the screen.

The processor inside is a Hexa-core OP1 unit paired with 4GB of RAM, and the processor is made specifically for Chromebooks. Internal storage is 32GB, and the tablet has a 35Wh battery to last a full school day per charge that charges via a USB-C cable.