ASUS is Doing a Trade-Up Program for Video Cards

ASUS has announced a slick new program that will give owners of older GeForce or AMD graphics cards money for their old cards to use towards an upgrade. The deal is like smartphone trade-in programs that are common today.

ASUS is offering between $150 and $350 on trade for the older cards going back to the GeForce GTX 650. It will take trades from any manufacturer. The GeForce GT 1030, GT 730, or GTX 650 will get you about $155 towards the purchase of a GTX 1650 or better reports Notebook Check.

Trade values are not as high when you move up to the higher-end cards. A GTX 1080 Ti, for instance, will get you $340 off. The catch is that you can sell that card on eBay for around $585.

The lesser cards mentioned first good for $155 off usually sell for about $50 on eBay. The catch is that for some reason Asus wants lots of details on the purchase, including invoice or receipt.