Astronaut Shares Suez Canal Collage Made of 100 Images


ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet has shared a collage that he made of the Suez Canal. The collage is made up of 100 images combined, showing the canal in its entire length. He took the images using a digital camera at maximum zoom and then stitched them together to make the collage.

Pesquet is an ESA astronaut and has shared some incredible images of the Earth from the ISS before. One of the images he shared was of the Earth, showing lots of red and ochre colors showing clouds and the thin blue atmosphere of the planet.

Beautiful images from the ISS such as this may be limited in the future. The ISS is aging, and NASA and partner organizations are currently looking at ways to expand the station’s life. Russia has previously announced it may pull out of the ISS project.

If it does leave the partnership with other space agencies, it would be a blow to the operations of the ISS. NASA and the remaining partner organizations would have to figure out how to maintain the aging station without Russia’s assistance.