ASTRO Announces New A40+MixAmp M80, AG1 for Xbox One



E3 2015 is around the corner and ASTRO has announced its newest headset along with an array of headset options for the Xbox One. The headset is a new orange and dark grey version of the A40+MixAmp. The standalone MixAmp M80 and the AG1 Chat Cable are two accessories that ASTRO will showcase at E3 for the Xbox One.

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ASTRO A40+MixAmp for the Xbox One is a lightweight headset that comes in two colors the new orange and dark grey version and the existing light grey with blue highlights version which is priced at $200.00.

Astro A40 M80

ASTRO standalone MixAmp M80 is a controller mounted audio device that works with the ASTRO A40 headset allowing the user to control the volume via a volume wheel, distinct EQ modes, with push button mute. For those that bought the PlayStation or PC version of the A40 they can use the standalone M80 to connect to the Xbox One controller. The ASTRO standalone MixAmp M80 is priced at a very reasonable $60.

Astro MixAmp M80 Xbox

An additional accessory that ASTRO will also show the AG1 Chat Cable for the Xbox One and this cable comes to be priced at $25 dollars. This cable is for those ASTRO A50 Xbox One owners who dont have the current A50s. At this price point, users can get the best out of their current set ups without having to break the bank purchasing completely new and expensive hardware.

Astro AG1 Xbox Chat

With all the games that Microsoft is going to announce this year at E3 we are looking forward to trying out these headsets with those games. These headsets are available at