ASMedia ASM1352R USB 3.1 Host Controller Sports Near 750 MB/s Speeds


ASMedias ASM1352R USB 3.1 Host Controller is the first USB-IF licensed USB 3.1 Host Controller chip and it was on display today at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. The ASMedia ASM1352R is a USB Host Controller chip designed for bridging SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 10G to SATA 6G. It also supports hardware RAID functionality and that is what ASMedia was showing off on the show floor connected to an MSI laptop with an ASUS USB.31 enclosure that contained two not named M.2 SSDs according to ASMedia.

asmedia usb 3.1 Demo

ASMedia ran CrystalDiskMark 5.0.2 x64 on the USB 3.1 device and hit sequential read speeds of 736 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 748 MB/s. Not bad performance numbers, but keep in mind there are two SSDs inside the enclosure that were needed to hit this rather impressive sequential read/write speed on a laptop! 4K performance was also respectable at higher queue depths, but sequential values are more important for external drives.

asmedia usb 3.1 Demo IDF15