Apple Warns Apple Card Users Against Putting the Card in Leather

Apple has issued a warning for users of its fancy new titanium Apple Card. The warning tells users not to place the Apple Card into a leather wallet. The leather will discolor the card, and the stains will never come off.

Apple is also warning against carrying the car directly in denim. The discoloration caused by leather and denim won’t wash off the card. The cleaning guidelines for the card that warn users of stains also note that you shouldn’t put it in direct contact with other credit cards or loose items in pockets or it will scratch reports Engadget.

The Apple Card can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol. The card will continue to work if you get stains on ti that won’t wash off. It just won’t be the fancy, pristine card that Apple issued you.

I’m feeling like quite the slob as I’ve literally never cleaned a credit card and can’t say that the deed has ever crossed my mind. Does anyone out there clean their credit cards?