Apple Support Document Acknowledges 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro Issues

Apple has posted a new support document that outlines a troubleshooting process for users who are having problems with the 13-inch MacBook Pro launched this year. The issue that some are seeing is unexpected shutdowns on the entry-level units with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports launched in July.

The troubleshooting steps involve making sure the machine has its battery level depleted to below 90%. Once that is done, users are to connect it to a charger, quit all open apps, and let the machine sleep and charge for at least eight hours reports MacRumors.

Once it has been charging for at least eight hours, users need to ensure they are on the latest version of macOS. If the shutdown issue persists after those steps are followed, users need to reach out to Apple for service.

There have been widespread reports of the unexpected shutdowns for this notebook. It’s unclear at this time if the troubleshooting steps fix the issue for most people or what is causing the problem.