Apple Patent Shows Curved Glass Sheet iMac

A new Apple patent has shown up that outlines a very cool potential future iMac that is integrated into a curved sheet of glass. Patent art shows the computer, screen, touch area, and keyboard integrated into a single sheet of glass. The structure behind the screen houses the computer hardware, just as we see in any AIO machine.

The design is an interesting one with more curved glass than we have seen in an Apple product before. The new design is also notable for being the first item that the iMac AIO has integrated the keyboard into its all-in-one design reports The Verge.

Downsides we see to that are for people who have a favorite keyboard they want to use with the iMac or if the keyboard in the iMac was to fail. Presumably, the keyboard would be replaceable in a manner similar to how keyboards in laptops are replaceable.

Perhaps an even more exciting design shows a MacBook slotting into the curved screen to give users more viewable area. That would be a cool feature for Mac users who want to dock a notebook for use when in the home or office. As with all patents, there is no guarantee this will ever make it to market.