Apple Outs MacBook Pro with 8-Core 9th-Gen Core i9

Apple has unveiled its newest member of the MacBook Pro family of devices and its the most powerful Mac laptop ever according to Cupertino. The machine can be fitted with a 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor with eight cores. That combination promises double the speed of a quad-core MacBook Pro model and 40% more than a 6-core Mac.

As with anything Apple, you will pay dearly for that performance. The 8-core 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,799. A 6-core version with a 15-inch screen is $2,399 reports MusicRadar.

If that is still too rich for your blood, you can get a dual-core or quad-core 13-inch MacBook laptop. The new macs also have a redesigned keyboard that is supposed not to break each time dust gets into it like current MacBook keyboards are prone to.

The catch is that while Apple says the new keyboard won’t suffer the same failures as other Mac butterfly keyboards, it also added the new keyboard to the replacement program the day it launched. Apple has had issues since it launched the butterfly mechanism keyboards that don’t live up to dirt and debris.