Apple Makes OS X 10.9 Mavericks Available Today As Free Download

Apple today announced that OS X 10.9 Mavericks will be free and made available to download today. Mavericks is a famous surfing location in Northern California. This is the first time an Apple OS X was released that was not using a big cat code-name! Apple says OS X Mavericks will work on desktop and tablet systems and will  work even if you’re on Lion, or still running Snow Leopard. Mavericks will be available free to iMac and MacBook users all the way back from 2007 and on, for users of MacBooks, Airs and Pros from 2008 and on, and finally for Mac Minis from 2009 and on.Apple said that OS X Mavericks will be a single step update.

This is big news as it is the first time that Apple has distributed a major update like Mavericks without charging — 10.8 Mountain Lion was priced at $19.99, while 10.7 Lion was $29.99. Not many will complain about a free OS update!

Last week Microsoft Windows 8.1 came out and it was a free upgrade for Windows 8 users.

Apple OS X mavericks